Tall Girl Problems

Kendra, 19 years old, 5'10.5
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For all the beautiful tall girls and the problems we have to endure. Through all the teasing, feeling out of place & short hems, I'm finally coming to a point where I realized that there's nothing wrong with being a little different. People still try to tear me down about it but there will always be people doing that. These problems are mostly to make you laugh & go "OH MY GOD. THAT'S MY LIFE." But this is more than just a place to share each other's problems. It's a support group where we encourage girls to see the beauty within them (so play nice, ladies). Ask me anything & feel free to submit!

"You're only as tall as your heart will let you be and you're only as small as the world will make you seem."

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chicken-and-pepperoni asked: I'm 17, 6ft and my feet are size 7 uk :3 is that weird that my feet are still average size?

Nope, happens all the time

caroline-yas asked: I'm 14 and 5'10. Guys, who are shorter than me always say that I shouldn't be proud of my height. Guys who are taller than me, by like 2 inches, always say that I'm short!! Does anyone else have this issue??

This is annoying -.- it’s definitely happened to me on ocassion. I’m like it’s not my fault you’re not comfortable enough with your masculinity that you let it falter when I stand next to you…

whattheshitnavychick asked: So, I'm 5'10" and the shortest in my direct family. Every time one of my friends come to my house they do the weird gaping thing at my family and then make jokes for the next three weeks

Don’t take it too personally. If they are you’re real friends they’re not being intentionally offensive. Tell them how you feel.

toastforghosts asked: I'm 6'0 and it's literally impossible to find jeans that fit that aren't $60. God bless American eagle tall sizes and their ever constant sales

THIS. They always have long

sunsandsea1314 asked: 14 and 5'11' where do I find shoes size 11 and up??

Zappos.com and Payless are the most popular that I know of. There are also other sites that cater specifically to tall girls :)

septemberssun asked: Bless your blog. I'm 5'9.5 and I always get teased and feel so awkward most times. I get so sad and I cry. But I'm on the road to accepting it, your blog has helped. Bless you.

Thank you so much :) bless you on your road to self-acceptance. Be strong hon

radchilll asked: I'm 5'10 and I always get so bummed out when I weigh myself because I'm always like 30 pounds heavier than my friends. Because of this I'm very self conscious but I'm trying to get over this because my weight is more spread out than I realize

Same. That’s why I just try to focus on BMI rather than weight

I love the person I’ve become, because I fought to become her.

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rapunzelismyhomegirl asked: Heres a no. 33. : Noticing in pictures with your short friends just how much you slouch around them.

Haha good one :)

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