Tall Girl Problems

Kendra, 18 years old, 5'10.5

For all the beautiful tall girls and the problems we have to endure. Through all the teasing, feeling out of place & short hems, I'm finally coming to a point where I realized that there's nothing wrong with being a little different. People still try to tear me down about it but there will always be people doing that. These problems are mostly to make you laugh & go "OH MY GOD. THAT'S MY LIFE." But this is more than just a place to share each other's problems. It's a support group where we encourage girls to see the beauty within them (so play nice, ladies). Ask me anything & feel free to submit!

"You're only as tall as your heart will let you be and you're only as small as the world will make you seem."

I am 15 years old and I stand 6’3( and I think I may have grown a tiny bit since then) as you know from my last letter I was never really confident about my height. But now that I started following this blog I know that I am not alone. My eyes have really opened since I started following this blog. And I just want to say to girls like me that you should be proud of who you are because there are times when people will say harsh things. Its only because that they are jealous or often jerks so we should let mean people gets us down. Being tall is a gift and some are just mad that they don’t have that.


I want to start by saying im 5’11 & Im turning 17 soon. I have ALWAYS been tall from birth I was nothing near average. Even in pre-k and kindergarten teachers mistook me for a 1st grader and actually had me in the wrong class multiple times throughout the year according to my parents. I was just always BIGGER. I use to dream about being older in elementary (5’6 in 5th grade) so my height would fit my age,but it seems like i only got taller and it only got more out of control as i aged. Growing up tall i learned a lot like how much I HATE when people assume,How intimidated guys can be etc. I really always felt normal,and same. Till high school when people said something about it everyday and in stores people stare or stop me while i’m walking by (I think its because of my youthful face on a tall body). Its kinda like a new thing to me honestly I’m just now realizing how different I am. I never noticed that I had tall girl probs like with sweaters not going to my wrist,I would roll them up and pay no attention. And with pants I would just wear high boots if they were too short. I never knew that those things were “problems”.  im the average tall girl. but here is what helped me understand and what helped me come to peace with these probs. I found someone who accepted me. Alot of times tall girls feel out of place and feel like its just too hard to fit in.  But im here to tell you if you find a special friend,boyfriend,family member That is around a lot and accepts you just the way you are your whole view on life will change. I REALIZED that i never had a prob with me being tall,Frankly I like it. But it was always OTHER people that had the problem with me being tall and made a big fuss about it. Accepting yourself as you are can do so much for you.  Even if it takes knowing that someone else accepts you for you to do it. NOTE: Dont build yourself esteem on someone else because people come and go but its alright to get a shoulder to lean on on your way building on your own. - BB (I Have LOTS of more advice for tall girls and personal tips that I didnt fit into this because I didnt want to make it too long so if ANYONE needs a friend or a pen pal that understands PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont be afraid to contact me @ OHHEYITSBB@yahoo.com :) Thanks For reading.

Celebrate your height

Recently Iowa had it’s annual flute festival and the guest artist said something that stuck out to me. 

"Celebrate your height"

There’s no shame in being a girl and being tall. As someone who’s 5’ 10.5”, I struggle with that, especially on stage. I hunch my shoulders and stick my neck out in some subconscious effort to make myself not stand out as much. So I’ve made it my goal for the rest of the semester to celebrate my height in as many aspects of my life as possible. 

My name’s Jenny and heres my story. I am 22 years old and I am in the middle of student teaching in 1st grade. Every single classroom I walk into the children look at me like a monster or yell out “YOU’RE SO TALL” As a 6 ft tall girl it’s not easy to teach such tiny kids. It breaks my heart when all they see is my height. Well anyway thats me; Gentle Giant.

Being a 5’9 girl I used to always picture my dream guy being 6’2-6’3. The idea of dating somebody my height or shorter used to always make me feel insecure. However, with the average height of the American male being 5’9 most of the guys I have dated have been at or around my own height with only one or two being a good head taller than me. To be honest, I’ve found that cuddling with somebody closer to your own size is a lot more comfortable than cuddling with somebody much taller than you. Your bodies align and there is this beautiful symmetry. You can look each other in the eyes, hold hands, and still play footsie without somebody having to bend their body at an awkward angle. 

In my opinion, this is definitely a perk reserved for us tall girls. :)


Hey, my name is Stuti and i am going to tell you something about me..

so here it goes,

I just turned 16 on Wednesday. I am 6”1 feet tall. i live in india. the students in my school are not very tall and since a very long time people keep giving me these pitty looks on how i cant shoes like the other girls and my shoe size is so big and i am so tall. All the dresses in the stores are like shirts for me. i was in such a state that i literally imagined opening a store for tall girls. Nothing fits me right. it is so hard to shop. like all the other girls i don’t wear heels because people would laugh at me . i am not a very confident person because the only reason of me being tall and others giving me their pity looks and comments. There are people who have come and told me “Gosh, Stuti you won’t ever find a guy” here i am trying me proud of myself and there goes an average height girl breaking my self esteem. The stories on this blog have really opened my eyes and i am going to motivate myself around people with similar problems.

Thank you so much for hearing me out. xoxo

Please help with my obsessive behaviour…

I’m 14, 5’7 and I’m getting taller and taller. Some of the few reasons I love being tall is that I have a better chance in the modelling industry and I play a heck of a lot of netball. If you aren’t above 5’4 in netball, it’s a hard game to play. But all of the boys the same age as me are smaller except for a few, and I really hate it. I always kind of stuck out my hip and bend my leg standing up to make me smaller. Does anyone else do that? Anyway, it’s becoming a bit obsessive with me because if I see a celeb or someone on the tv, especially males, I always have to google search their height. I’m really ashamed of it for comparing myself to celebrities to see if I’m taller than them but it’s just something I do. I bought some boots that have a platform heel thing and I just can’t bring myself to wear them in public…

I’ve done it before too, you’re not alone lol but it all just goes back to your learning how to find the confidence to embrace your height. Yes, it will be hard and no, it will not happen overnight. But I promise it won’t happen from comparing yourself to others. Don’t worry about blending it, focus on letting your inner beauty shine. 

Im ‘only’ 5’11 yet I sometimes feel like hagrid next to everyone else shorter than me

What EVERYBODY says to me.

I am 6’6” 14 and still growing and get a lot of annoying Q’s and just statements. First and foremost How/why are you so tall? Hmm I don’t know, perhaps genetics my parents were tall? *No a meteor fell on me and made me tall* Also You are tall! *No really?.. I didn’t notice, How very observant of you. Or You make me feel short…. Um. how do you want me to reply to that? Oh and Can I please have some of your height please please…. Even if I could i wouldn’t should I want to. Oh and especially Do you like being tall? ….. Is this a trick question what if I say I don’t they tell ME all the perks of being tall.. If I say I do they say  that’s great and they’re jealous…. Good for you? Anyway that’s my little spiel.

Using it well…

I’m only 13 and am 6’1. And still growing. I found out, the hard way, that you have to find a way to use your height to your own advantage. I play volleyball, and an usually at least 3 or 4 inches taller that everyone. It makes it way easier to deal with being bigger when you have something to go along with it that you are proud of. :)

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