Tall Girl Problems

Kendra, 19 years old, 5'10.5
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For all the beautiful tall girls and the problems we have to endure. Through all the teasing, feeling out of place & short hems, I'm finally coming to a point where I realized that there's nothing wrong with being a little different. People still try to tear me down about it but there will always be people doing that. These problems are mostly to make you laugh & go "OH MY GOD. THAT'S MY LIFE." But this is more than just a place to share each other's problems. It's a support group where we encourage girls to see the beauty within them (so play nice, ladies). Ask me anything & feel free to submit!

"You're only as tall as your heart will let you be and you're only as small as the world will make you seem."

giggleclifford asked: this blog made me feel ashamed for being ashamed of my height

My current struggle :/


My current struggle :/


Just wanted to say that I really love this blog. Never stop posting. Just a little note to all my fellow tall teengirls reading posts on this blog you not alone, and try to stay confident.

Comment from a tall guy

I’m 6’5” - Tall girls ignore me. I don’t waste my time anymore. I like girls that like me. It’s always the shorter girls who are more responsive and often approach me. I’m dating again after quite a few years and have run into exactly the same experiences I had twenty years ago. It’s the woman who makes the choice anyway-so love yourself and go after what you want. Guys just want to be loved. True story.


Is now selling shoes up to a SIZE 13, you guys! YES!!!!

abitofrandomness asked: To the thing about heels.. What if you're not really that tall without heels? I'm 5'8" and I don't wanna look super tall.

It’s more of a personal choice. Do what makes you comfortable but don’t not wear them when you want to and are worried about how you look to others.

Fun Fact: there is no TGP #33 :\

Should I even make one?


olden-burg asked: How do you deal with growing pains because I literally feel like crying all the time

Stretching (try yoga!), massaging and applying heat daily/nightly.

Tall Girl Problem: Getting dressed in the morning and hitting your arms on the ceiling fan. While it’s running.

I’m 6’1 and I don’t see the point in tall girls being scared to wear high heels. Look at it like this: if a giraffe put on a pair of heels, the giraffe would be really tall. If that same giraffe took its heels, it’d still be really tall. You’re tall with or with or without heels so putting them on doesn’t make too much difference. Have no fear!

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